I oversee a large performing arts venue at an educational institution. The campus was using some other commercial carpet cleaners to clean the carpets and the results were usually less than satisfactory. Within only 5 years our carpets were in sad shape and by 10 they just never looked good no matter how many times they were cleaned. When we decided to replace the carpets in some of our main rooms we wanted to find a carpet care system that would extend the life of our carpets. The manufacture of the carpet recommended using a dry cleaning process.

Ironically as we were in the process of ordering the new carpet 1-800-DryCarpet came in and showed us what their product could do for our old carpets. It was amazing how much better the old carpet looked with just one cleaning. We knew then that 1-800-DryCarpet was the product care system we wanted for all our carpets. Greg and all the technicians have been great in giving our staff pointers on how to help maintain our carpets. I am amazed at how polite, helpful, and knowledgeable their staff has been. You don't often find that much attentiveness in a city this large. They are the best!