I just had my carpets cleaned yesterday by DRYCARPET and after using Chem-Dry three times before I can tell you that DRYCARPET is the ONLY way to go! I heard about you for the first time on the radio and made a mental note to look up your site on the Internet, and the rest is history. Which brings me to the next point.

I read at drycarpet.com that that DRYCARPET is in the process of franchising its business. I am very interested in talking with you about that, should it come about that you do franchise. I spoke to the office manager Tony today, and asked him about my area. I live in North County, San Diego. Joe cleaned my carpets, and I found out from him he lives in Mission Valley, and his assistant in Lakeside, which is quite a distance from Oceanside, where I live. From what Tony told me, Joe covers the San Diego area. I understand you advertise on the radio and should 1-800-DRYCARPET begin to really take-off down here, and Joe has too much business, or if you do franchise, I would be VERY interested.

I need to find a business where I can generate my own income. I am a hard worker, and because I believe in your DRYCARPET product, I would have no problem promoting it everywhere I go. I am already telling people, and I don't have a vested interest yet! I would appreciate hearing from you about any possible way I could work with this company. My background has been in real estate years ago, and I worked in Membership/Marketing at Price Club for 10 years. I have owned and managed my own business several times while waiting for another position to open up. Again-I would appreciate your input.

Sincerely, Linda Chase
Oceanside, CA