TOPIC: Founder/President - What I Re-Learned Today About HWE, CD and our DRY ORGANIC™ Customer Feedback/Reports

Hello there, My name is Greg . Today I spoke with a potential franchise owner in Arizona ( 1-800-DRYCARPET is a Franchise Company ). He had some questions regarding Chem Dry (CD), Hot Water Extraction (HWE) and Steam Cleaning and how these (wet) methods compare to our proprietary DRY ORGANIC™ product/system with respect to performance and customer satisfaction.

I always enjoy sharing my experience regarding the company's DRY ORGANIC technology. But, today I took a "time out" and spent about an hour reading (and listening ) to what our customers have to say. After all -it really does matter what our customers and our chemist thinks.

I was surprised to re-discover the following customer reports/feedback/stories regarding CD and HWE. This customer post is particularly detailed. I also dug up a Customer audio testimony that I found informative.

Here are the results (what our customers have to say):

Topic - - - Date
Pet stain problems gone forever 07-04-2008
The best 02-20-2008
Daniel and his team 02-20-2008
Excellent work 02-06-2008
Good job!! 11-06-2007
Great job 09-14-2006
First time use 04-15-2006
Satisfied customer 12-07-2005
Excellent job. Very Happy
good with toddlers 05-10-2005
Carpet cleaned first time 05-08-2005
Pleased First Time User 03-26-2005
DRYCARPET is superior to all other carpet cleaning methods and companies 03-09-2005
Great Service and product 02-10-2005
Very Happy! 12-02-2004
NO WATER NEEDED 12-02-2004
Customer Audio - Listen To Customer Testimonial re CD 02-10-2005
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