Purchasing any product from drycarpet.com is like going to Wal-Mart and purchasing it (without the drive). Every product I've ordered has been on my doorstep the following day.

I was an auto detail manager for 3 years in my younger days, so I prefer to do all my own work on my cars. The other day I decided to use "Swedry" and "Bad Dog" on my carpets and interior. I brushed "Swedry” into the carpets and onto the floor mats and spot cleaned the seats and door panels with "Bad Dog". Then I went down to the car wash and vacuumed my floors. The results were amazing. Normally I have to get a huge bucket of water with carpet shampoo, saturate the carpets, scrub and vacuumed them with a wet vac. Using "Swedry's" products was easier and the results were better. As an added bonus, I did not have to wait for my carpets to dry and the smell was amazing. I would recommend these products to any professional detail shops or any other do it yourselfers.

I was already impressed with the results at my home. This stuff is so good, everyone should try these products.

Thank you drycarpet.com for the awesome service!