Hello, I received another irritating email. I thought it was spam. I realized that the email was from 1-800-DRYCARPET.

Here is what I think of your company. I have heard your radio commercials for some time now. So, I finally broke down and called your company. And after I telephoned you I scheduled my appointment online to have the carpets cleaned in my home.

It's been several days since you provided your service and I would not have normally replied to an appeal for 'feedback' but since I was so completely impressed with your product, service and your crew, I desided to register my opinion per your request on your web site.

So, here it is...

1. Your radio commercials are interesting .. but I had my doubts about how you could clean my carpet and it be "DRY".

2. I scheduled online at drycarpet.com as mentioned in your radio ad.

3. I did indeed receive my free kit via UPS, as promissed.

4. Your crew arrived on time, as promised.

5. I was impressed with the young man that was in my home. He was clean, hard working and professional.

6. The service man that was here worked very hard.

7. When he was finished he walked me room-to-room showing me my unbelievably CLEAN and dry carpet. ( it smelt clean and natural .. the slight green-apple smell was a 'memory' .. gone in about 3 hours .. I actually miss it - as it was nice! )

8. The price that was as quoted to me while scheudling online at drycarpet.com was indeed the actual price that I paid. I was impressed with this! Surprised actually.

9. My family and I were able to use our home immediatly after your service man left. Wow!!!!

10. My home smells fresh and clean, no wet musty mess!!!

I wish your company the very best! Your efforts, product and method deserve to be promoted. I am happy to post my feedback .. I just hope that you don't send me any more email!

Take care and God bless,

Paul DeGrass