I cleaned my carpet with a steam cleaner numerous times. Each time it would look nice for a few days and then all the stains reappeared. I even tried Oxyclean. But, it's hard to get out. You have to rinse thouroughly and blot up and Oxyclean made the stains spread out even more.

I ordered a Swedry Kit. I had to go over my carped about 3 times to get the buildup of dirt and detergent out. But, I am amazed at what a difference it makes! I will never go back to steam cleaning my carpets. When we spill things on it, I get out the Stain VLM which takes care of the stains even when they're set in. I'm happy that Swedry leaves my carpet clean and dry. I'm also pleased with the natural smell of Swedry.

Thank you DRYCARPET!


Connie Russell
Burbank, Ca