Exceeded my expectations!

Posted by: Carole

Exceeded my expectations! - 03/22/02 06:42 AM

I want to thank 1-800-DRYCARPET for coming out and cleaning my carpets!! I have been having my carpets cleaned in Orange County for 17 years. I have tried many, many different carpet cleaners that I've seen advertised in various places, as well as referrals from friends, AND renting carpet cleaner machines from the grocery store! I have been ripped off more times than I'd like to admit. The other companies have quoted me prices over the phone; then once they came to my house they added on all these charges for "spot cleaning"; moving furniture (??); whatever they could squeeze out of me.

I had my carpet steam cleaned most of the time and I would spend the night before they came, moving all my furniture out of the way, moving breakables, etc. (per their instruction); then when they were done, my furniture was all propped up on Syrofoam "blocks" and all the windows had to be left open w/ fans blowing in every room to help dry the soaked carpet. It usually took about 3 days to dry.

I have 2 kids and a dog and a cat and I like to have my carpet cleaned twice a year. I bought new carpeting last year and it already was looking really bad with spots and stains all over. I dreaded calling the carpet cleaning guy again to steam clean my carpet. I was seriously thinking of ripping out the carpet and installing tile everywhere.

I heard the commercials for 1-800-DRYCARPET on KWAVE Radio for months. I had written down the phone number and thought they sounded good and I should try them. I trust the advertisers that KWAVE puts on the air. I was thinking, "Oh, they're probably too expensive." I didn't call until recently when I couldn't stand the dirty carpet anymore.

I called and spoke to Greg, the owner. He was so nice, knowledgeable, explained every step of the process without any hint of a "pushy, salesman attitude". I waited a few months and called them two weeks ago to come and clean my carpet. I told them I would be at work and that I would leave my key and their check under my doormat.

When I came home, I was SO happy. I could not believe how beautiful my carpets looked. I have light-colored berber carpeting and all the spots were pretty much gone....I had no idea it would ever look so good. The furniture was right where I left it, I did not have to move anything and when I stepped on the carpet, it was completely dry. I couldn't believe it! That "Sweedry Carpet Cleaner" really is incredible.

The price for the cleaning was fair and reasonable and worth every cent. I asked Greg to send me business cards for me to give to my friends. I won't be using any other company now to clean my carpets and I will recommend America's Preferred to all my friends and family. I never thought I could get so excited about carpet cleaning, but after years of bad carpet cleaning I am so happy to find a wonderful, honest, friendly company to clean my carpets BEAUTIFULLY.

Thank you Greg and 1-800-DRYCARPET and I wish you continued success! You're offering an incredible service!
Posted by: 1-800-DRYCARPET®

Re: Exceeded my expectations! - 04/11/03 03:06 PM

Hi Carole,

Wow. What a wonderful and detailed post! Thank you very much for your support. And, by the way, thank you ALSO for recording a radio commercial for us. Here it is..


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