Posted by: Greg Cantrell

founder/pres - 09/05/06 09:39 PM

Hi my name is Greg, the founder/president of 1-800-DRYCARPET. The company and its franchise-owners place a lot of importance on what you have to say about our SWEDRY® DRY ORGANIC™ Carpet Cleaning Product and process. Even if you've posted before or if you're an amazed NEWBIE we need your feedback. Why? Because offering convenience and value (a new DRY Organic Category) comes with skeptics. Only you can dispel doubt. Your stories here do help change the way people feel about carpet cleaning.
Posted by: Cathie McGinnis

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 06:07 AM

I cannot say enough about 1-800 Drycarpet. I bought my carpeting about 2 years ago and at the time the man in the store said that the fastest way to break down a carpet was to have it cleaned the traditional way. He recommended that I use a dry method. At the time, I didn't know who did this type of cleaning, but I heard a radio ad and gave 1-800 Drycarpet a call. My carpets look brand new and I had many cat vomit stains throughout my house. Thank you 1-800 Drycarpet! I have recommended you to all my friends!
Posted by: Dwight

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 06:31 AM

We are very pleased with the excellent service, the way the product works and keeps the carpet clean, and especially the people who came into our house to perform the service. The fellowship afterwards was great!
Posted by: Jayne

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 06:39 AM

I am so pleased with the dry carpet cleaning. The men were pleasant and did an excellant job. I have used a cleaner called Capture for years, and when I needed a professional job I am happy to say I called your company. I will definitely use your service again and highly recommend you.
Posted by: Taffy Dalby RN

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 07:32 AM

Thanks for an "in and out burger" job! Great for
a kid friendly floor with no worries about mold and mildew for me. It always looks looks and smells fresh. Taffy smile
Posted by: Mark McBride

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 08:04 AM

Once again an awesome job! I have used Dry Carpet for a few years now and I'm always impressed by how new my carpet looks and how conscientious the Dry Carpet team is! Attention to detail and genuine care about what you do is evident. I will continue to recommend Dry Carpet to my friends and colleages. My carpet is 9 years old and people still comment on how "new" it looks...and it's nearly white! Thanks!
Posted by: Laurie Forsythe

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 08:07 AM

Not only did I love the the service I recieved, I loved the product spot cleaner that I got after answering your request. I need more!! i HAVE THREE DOGS AND THREE CATS and boy do they make a mess. I could use another carpet cleaning also. Not for the old spots but for the new ones. Thanks for being a true blue company.
Posted by: Betty Marchesseau

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 08:09 AM

We are residents of Oceanside, CA and have used your service several times. Your staff is professional, friendly and very efficient.

Your carpet cleaning service is ideal. Once the cleaning process has been completed, the carpet is dry. There is no downtime at all.

You have cleaned our motorhome in the past which has had two dogs occupy it. There is never an after odor other than a fresh clean smell. Nothing wet to slip and fall on.

Thanks for a great product.

Betty & Rick
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 08:16 AM

Wow. thank you. thanks for all the posts here !!!
Posted by: C Randall

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 09:00 AM

I was very satisfied with the results of my first experience with DryCarpet. Spots that I couldn't get rid of with extraction methods were gone when your technicians finished, and they seemed to have stayed away.


Your company's promise of free cleaning kits is very empty. Not only did I not get my first kit for booking online, but I didn't get my second kit that was promised when I posted my feedback online. And I didn't get the kits when your supposed supplies were replentished. I can only assume that free kits are a "bait-n-switch" type of hype to get new customers, and they really don't exist. That is unfortunate!!
Posted by: Erina

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 09:20 AM

We are so amazed of the overall thing. The people who came to our house were great. The timing was perfect and the result was amazing!
Definitely will do business again in the future.
Posted by: SAinCA

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 09:23 AM

The fact that Greg called me personally to follow up on a minor problem was astonishing, if not a little intimidating until I understood the nature of his call. His assurances to me of improvements in training and his personal attention to the matter place his Comapny in high regard. The issue had nothing to do with the process or the excellent restoration of the carpet pile. This was the 3rd time and 2nd house where we'd used DryCarpet and there's no way I'd let water or a steamer near my floors again - tried it once and what a mess, not to mention the damp odor that lingered for the longest time.

If the President of the Company follows up to ensure the reputation and practices of his franchise holders are at the highest level, this is not just another make-money franchising company... Well worth the extra cost for the great results and service.
Posted by: Karlene Hernandez

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 10:04 AM

I love 1-800-Drycarpet! My carpet always looks incredible after its been cleaned and it stays looking great for several weeks. I have a lot of traffic through my house and the carpet is very light in color. 1-800-Drycarpet keeps it looking great for me!
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 10:49 AM

SAinCA, thanks - we have franchise owners that go to work every day and work hard to earn customer loyalty. we will never take that for granted. thanks again.
Posted by: jim007

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 11:29 AM

Great Job !!
Posted by: PPULathe

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 12:38 PM

Sorry to disappoint you, but after having absolutely terrific service in the past, this last time, was very disappointing. I did contact you to voice my disappointment the same day that my carpet had been "cleaned," which was Saturday, Sept. 2, and was told that someone would get back to me within 3 business days. Today is Wednesday, Sept. 6, and so far your office has not contacted me. My husband did receive a call from the carpet tech yesterday. When my husband mentioned to him that I was not totally satisfied with the carpet cleaning, the tech called me at my office and left a message for me to call, which I did. There was no answer, but I did leave a message, which has not been answered so far. Actually, the carpet surface that was cleaned looked clean -however, parts of my carpet that should have been easy to reach (or had easy furniture to move) were left untouched. A spot next to my bed - very easy to see and clean, was left untouched. Hopefully, someone will get back to me so that these issues can be resolved.
Posted by: Angela Ewing

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 02:08 PM

Hey guys,
I was a big skeptic before I tried Drycarpet. My friend had used your service and just could not stop talking about how clean and new looking her carpet was. I tried your service and became a believer too. Drycarpet is convienent to use and you can walk on your carpet after a short period of time. I tell all my friends and family about Drycarpet. Angela
Posted by: mvlady

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 09:21 PM

I am very pleased with this method of carpet cleaning. The spots are gone and haven't returned. The workmen were very thorough and spent a long time getting all the dirt out of the carpet. I've tried the wet method of cleaning before and this is far superior.

Thanks a bunch!
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/06/06 10:06 PM

there is lots yet to do - many lessons learned. while i'm sharing here in my first blog i'm thinking of my phone call today with Dr. Atkins, the inventor of SWEDRY® . He asked me how the company was doing. He's 83 years old ..what was i supposed to say? send him a link to this post/thread? i didn't. i don't think that he is "electonically" enclined. i wish that he was ...he'd be pleased reading feedback from los angeles to rancho cucamonga, also tokyo - honolulu - dallas - boise - wichita.

Dr. Atkins is "old school" ..humble, very bright/well qualified. Today I had lunch with our chief chemists protégée Mr. Eric Snyder. Mr. Snyder blends and packages our three products per the specs delivered by Dr Atkins.

1600+ posts are here at's message board and these posts on this thread are a bonus and personal treat. Our first customer comment was on July 26, 2001 - before the company even knew how to reply to customer comments.

thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to post here smile

Posted by: 2 in Torrance

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/07/06 05:38 AM

We are very pleased with the results of your work on our carpet. It was very convenient and professional. We are still waiting for our free cleaning kit. Please follow through on that as you did with the carpet cleaning. 2 in Torrance
Posted by: CCooley

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/07/06 08:55 AM

I had my carpet cleaned the last week-end in April and was very pleased with the results. Could walk on the carpet almost immediately, it was clean and after all of these months it remains clean...not showing that re-build up of dirt on the surface like you would find after other systems are used...infact that is why I hate to clean my carpet the first time, because it gets dirty faster. However, I never received the "FREE KIT" promised for posting a comment which I did the next day after service and still to this date in September with numberous request on my part, I still haven't received the PROMISED FREE KIT...and that is why I've canceled my next appointment in October...because honesty from a company is very matter how good the product is. ( I just read some of the other posted comments..and apparently I'm not the only one that hasn't received the kit. And I don't think after 6mos. it is a back order issue). CCooley
Posted by: bryan p

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/07/06 09:06 AM

I am happy with the service that I received. Compared to other services I would rate you high overall. The only disappointment was the quick return of the soiled look on the stairway.
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/07/06 06:34 PM

thank you. several weeks ago we were back-ordered on SWEDRY® kits. i'll make sure that your kit goes out asap!

bryan p, Perhaps we weren’t able to remove 100% of the detergent residue from a previous cleaning(s)? I'll have our shipping department send to you a Swedry® kit for your stairs. "Hit it" one more time with our absorbent powder in order to absorb (and remove) any detergent residue that may have been left behind from previous wet (soap and water) methods "cleaning(s)".

  • My favorite Post: This guy lost a bet with his wife.

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Posted by: honolulu_preacher

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/08/06 02:10 AM

Hi Greg ..been rowing lately brother? It's Adam from OCC- I enjoyed reading the comments here. We need to exchange your suit n tie for a longboard and a Canoe... let's paddle n rowing bra. Maholo laugh

Posted by: D Johnson

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/08/06 09:07 AM


We did leave feedback when our carpet was cleaned. The team, (Andrea, the franchise owner and her crew), that came to clean was not only courteous, but they worked their tails off. They were here for 6+ hours and our carpet looks beautiful. My sister had hers done by the same people the following month, and she was a little unhappy with some stains which re-appeared, made the call back to them, and Andrea came back with her crew the same week following my sister's call and re cleaned her carpet. It is clean, the stains are gone and she also is very happy. I want you to know that the people who took care of our house, we were very impressed with. If all the people who buy your franchises have the integrity that Andrea and her husband do, it will definitely serve your company's good name, and undoubtedly, continue the success of DRYCARPET. We WILL use it again! Thank you.


Anita and Don Johnson
5970 Jacaranda Lane
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Posted by: Sheila Hughes

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/08/06 09:27 AM

This is an awesome product. My carpets have never looked better. I recommend this to everyone. This is a much better way to celan your carpet than the old "wet" way and they stay cleaner for much, much longer.
Posted by: ritgal

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/08/06 11:47 AM

Have told many about your terrific service....I do have one suggestion to help us.....move the heavy furniture would be very helpful and considerate. Thank you again and will use your service again.
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/08/06 11:10 PM

Hi Anita and Don,

Yes - you are correct. The value of a franchise system is that dedicated owner-operators have a stake in their business. Franchise owners as a rule will be customer driven and will display integrity for many reasons.

1-800-DRYCARPET franchisees are some of the best people anywhere. Only the best are granted franchise "rights" ..we don't sell franchises, they are "awarded" to qualified people.

Here are some pictures of franchise owners - a great group.

Thank You, and, ...Stay DRY™,

Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/09/06 10:40 AM


As a rule (for safety) we do not move heavy, electronic or breakable items. we don't want to damage customer property or incur injury. however, if you ask us to move heavy items we would in most cases do so if it can be done safely.

Thank you for your post ritgal.


I agree. thanks for spreading the word. Our name is our number
Posted by: apple123

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/10/06 06:27 AM


After four months our carpets still look good. We have white carpet throughout the house, so that's quite a feat. Time to get your folks back to touch up some spots. Thanks for a great organic cleaning.
Posted by: Carmenmarquez

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/10/06 09:22 AM

I had my carpet cleaned by Drycarpet and I was very pleased. The representatives of the company were very personable and professional. They explained the process and got to work. I have received many compliments on the carpet. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has carpets. I have had other companies clean my carpets...The carpet was not as clean, stains re-appeared within days and it seemed to be a magnet for new stains.
I feel that the Drycarpet Company and its representatives are passionate, professionals with lots of integrity for the product and service that they offer.
Carmen Marquez
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/11/06 10:27 PM

thank you apple thank you carmen!!!
Posted by: RJ

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/12/06 06:51 AM

I've used 1-800 DryCarpet twice now with two great results. The last time was to clean the carpets as I was moving out. I'm confident the the new home owners were very pleased with how clean the carpet turned out.

I'm a big believer in Dry vs. Wet, especially down here in Texas were mold is very quick to set in during the hot months. Plus it really works great.

Well, my new house has new carpets and they will only ever be cleaned by 1-800-DryCarpet.

P.S. your team here in Dallas is top-notch!
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/12/06 07:41 AM

Hi RJ,

The owners of 1-800 DRYCARPET Dallas are Roger and Linda. They'll be glad to read your comments. We have the best customers. Thanks! Stay DRY™

team members
Posted by: Tereece

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/15/06 09:25 AM

Dear Greg C

I was truly amazed at the DryCarpet method and how well it cleaned my carpet. I'm a very satisfied customer and will ONLY use your company for future carpet cleaning. I have one problem though, I was promised a free DryCarpet spotting kit and have not received it. I filled out the on-line survey and have called twice to ask for the kit. Everytime your representatives are very nice, and reassure me I will recieve the kit. Nothing so far. My carpet was cleaned in May of this year. Can you help????????

Tereece Little
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/15/06 10:14 AM


Thank you for your feedback. As you know we manufacture and package our DRY ORGANIC Kits . When 1 of 10 of the components necessary becomes unavailable (back-ordered) we can become slow. Our shipping department is dancing as fast as they can. I'm sorry for the delay - please accept my apology.
Posted by: Dave Rinaldi

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/28/06 09:21 AM

I am unhappy because I keep hearing the commercials about the stains not coming back, but they did in my case. They came back about a month after you left and when I called to tell you this I never got any response
Posted by: 1-800-DRYCARPET®

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/28/06 11:30 AM

Hi Dave, i will give you a call right now.

Info re detergent residue left behind by (past services) wet carpet cleaning companies.

When we serve a customer we do give a 30 day guarantee. However, sometimes we are unable to completely reverse the damage and/or effects of wet carpet cleaning methods and/or household "carpet cleaning" products. I will give you a call now..
Posted by: jennyfish

Re: Fortunate 1-800-DRYCARPET® founder/pres - 09/28/06 12:00 PM

My carpet LOOKS AMAZING! I have this done several months ago, and my carpets still look new! Great job, I totally recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE!
The guys that came in to clean were super nice, helped me move furniture out of the way, and everything. PLUS, after 2 hours, it was ok to move it all back in place.
(Unlike the carpet cleaner we rented from the hardware store 6 months prior that took over a day and half to dry and did not really do much... obviously because I had to get it redone...).
Posted by: 1-800 DRYCARPET® San Jose

Re: Fortunate To Be 1-800 DRYCARPET's Founder/President - 06/22/07 11:25 PM

Hi My name is Robert Segura. I am a franchise owner here in San Jose, CA. Our customers here in the greater San Francisco Bay Area are impressed with the performance and integrity of genuine DRY ORGANIC! My family and I are committed to service. It's true, we really do have the best customers!

Stay DRY,

Robert Segura, President
1-800 DRYCARPET San Jose