Thank you!

Posted by: Holly Williams

Thank you! - 10/24/09 10:39 PM

I am very pleased by the service and results from 1-800-DRYCARPET. This is the second time I have used the service, and I believe it is the only carpet cleaner out there that can clean my carpet. I used a steam cleaner after DRYCARPET and not only was my carpet saturated with water for an entire day, they were not successful in removing any of the pet stains and odor. I then tried a chemical carpet cleaner, the estimate they quoted me was as much as it would have cost to purchase new carpet! The cleaner was more intersted in trying to sell me multiple products. I had them clean one room two months ago and they not only did not remove the stains, my carpet did not look clean at all.

I have white carpet. I have 3 dogs. The first time DRYCARPET cleaned my carpets I could not believe how clean they were. I never should have hired others, however I fell for the teaser ad's that never cost what they said they would. I ended up paying 3x more than the ad said and was left with unclean carpets. DRYCARPET came to my home yesterday and not only were the two guys professional, curteous and hard-working, they did an incredible job on my carpet. It is white again, the dog smell is out. I am extremely happy and would reccomend 1-800-DRYCARPET to anyone I know.

Thank you for your services and for making my home look nice again.
Posted by: Greg Cantrell

Re: Thank you! - 10/26/09 09:35 PM

Thank you Holly for taking time out of your day to write such a thorough report. Your post above as well as your March 09\' post most certainly will influence a curious potential customer to try something different .
Posted by: Maria from San Jose

Re: Thank you! - 11/08/09 02:31 PM

I love 1800 DryCarpet! My carpets always look great, and stains do not return. I love the fresh clean smell of your product. I really like that it's chemical free.

This was my 4th time using you, and would recommend you to everyone I know.