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follow-through - 02/18/06 01:39 PM

After submitting my evaluation of dry carpet cleaning (in all it's honesty), I was happily surprised to be contacted within the hour by the president of the company who wanted to personally discuss the issues which I brought up in my evaluation. He wanted to not only correct the problems but do whatever it took to "make me happy and retain me as a customer." I have never had such a great response (nor such a quick one!) to a problem...overall I was happy with the cleaning outcome, and the comments I shared were to help the company in their improvement of business (and dry carpet wanted to know details). After speaking with the president I am impressed with the dedication to customer service. He also shared with me that the cleaned carpet will look nicer longer...a fact that I will surely see in the future. This attention to wanting to know how to help me has made me reconsider about using dry carpet in the future...I am impressed!
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Re: follow-through - 02/18/06 04:50 PM

Hello again Diane Bjelland,

laugh Thanks for the updated post

And, Thanks for your feedback and for choosing 1-800 DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaning. Service date: 2/16/2006. Today's date: 2/18/2006.

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