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UNBELIEVABLE JOB! - 08/18/04 01:50 PM

When the technicians arrived at our home, I wasn't sure whether they could save our carpets. With four children, and a very energetic puppy, the carpet in our home, only three years old, was on its last legs. Even the technicians weren't sure they could remove all of the damage that spilled sodas, red wine, snacks, makeup, markers, dirty feet and "presents" from our potty-training puppy had caused.

Imagine my surprise when I saw what a wonderful job they had done. It was like looking at the brand new carpet that had been installed before we ever moved into the house. I couldn't be happier. laugh Amazingly, all of the darkened spots were gone and the carpets were already dry when the technicians left our home. The technicians spent over 2 hours working on our carpets, and yet the cost was also SUBSTANTIALLY less than other more prominent cleaning companies I've used in the past that "cleaned" the carpets in about an hour, and left it to dry for days.

With all the activity going on in our home, I know we'll have more spills and accidents, so I can afford to have the carpets cleaned regularly at a fraction of the cost I've spent over the past few years. Only now, I think 1-800-DRYCARPET Carpet Cleaning actually removes most of the stains, not just hides them to reappear later.

You've got a very satisfied customer on your hands! Thank you so much! wink
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Hello cwinsten,

Our records show that your last appointment was on 8/16/2004. Today's date is 8/18/2004.

Wow ... What a detailed report! :rolleyes:

Thank you for posting your report/feedback on the message board.

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