Amazing Carpet Cleaning!

Posted by: Ruth L. Brumme

Amazing Carpet Cleaning! - 06/21/01 08:59 PM

I am totally amazed at the results of Swedry Carpet Cleaning! Two gentlemen did my carpet this morning and were very particular about the spot removal. I had spilled coffee in the bedroom and tried to no avail to get the stains out. Well, they're gone now! Completely! Also the area between the kitchen and dining area was VERY spotted and dirty, and it looks absolutely wonderful now! The results are so superior to a company I had two years ago, Expert Carpet Cleaners, and when they did it the carpet was wet for hours. With Swedry it never gets soaked with water. Then, tonight I was thinking about my little one-year old great grandson coming to visit me this Saturday for a week and I was concerned about him crawling on the carpet and ingesting chemials. I purposely had the carpet cleaned because he is coming. I phoned the company and inquired about the chemicals to find out that the product is totally organic and will not cause any problems, in fact, you COULD EAT the product!! What a comfort! At any rate, this was a totally positive experience and I thank the company, the two gentlemen, and KWVE radio station for telling me about Swedry!!!
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Re: Amazing Carpet Cleaning! - 02/05/02 07:04 PM

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