I just scheduled online

Posted by: SherriK

I just scheduled online - 08/26/02 11:01 PM

You guys have the easiest and most surfable web site i've every surfed! Wow, if your service is a good as your commercials and as cool as your web site then I'll preach the DRYCARPET gospel too!

I just scheduled my carpet cleaning appointment online! Will you please call me to let me know that everything is a go! Thanks
Posted by: WilliamB

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/27/02 09:47 PM

Our family has been using your company each year for several years now. I just recently discovered your web site, and I wholeheartedly agree with the praise report listed above!

Not only is your service and product excellent, but your online scheduling service was a pleasure also.

Keep up the good work fellas!

Mr. Beckett
Laguna Beach, CA
Posted by: SarahW

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/28/02 10:41 AM

Ditto - I agree. Your company; wonderful product, service and people. Scheduling my carpet cleaning service appointment online was a breeze!

Sarah W.
Posted by: ReggieW

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/28/02 07:51 PM

i scheduled online 2 weeks ago. today i received a request for my feedback. your service and proceedure is wonderful and scheduleing online was very slick.

you get my highest rating! drycarpet is #1 in carpet cleaning - and such a customer-friendly web site, wow! scheduling online was a bonus!

the reg.
santa monica, ca
Posted by: AdrianneF

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/28/02 08:00 PM

Me too, me too, me too! I just received your email tonight and I've used your company several times. But, this time around I scheduled online [ easy, easy, easy-n-fun ] and got my DRYCARPET cleaning kit via UPS as promised!

PS. I enjoy your radio commercials cuz I think you boys are RIGHT ON .. in more ways than one!


Alta Loma, CA
Posted by: PamE

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/29/02 03:19 PM

Your carpet cleaning material [ Swedry powder ] is wonderful. I too scheduled online - nice! Today I received my free KIT! Thanks DRYCARPET!

Pam E.
Hollywood, CA
Posted by: WillAZ

Re: I just scheduled online - 08/31/02 04:07 PM

Scheduling online was very conveniant! I found that your true dry process for cleaning carpet worked well and was also very conveniant!

Thank you DRYCARPET!
Posted by: MUSAK

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/03/02 02:19 PM

Scheduling was easy and the drycarpet.com site is very easy to surf!
Posted by: WangFamily

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/06/02 05:58 PM

I enjoyed scheduling online. Our estimate online was higher than we ended up paying - a nice surprise!

The fine results of your new product and system are appreciated on our end. Thanks DRYCARPET!

A. Wang
Burbank, CA
Posted by: Karen Byland

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/07/02 10:55 AM

We were truly amazed at what a difference this method of carpet cleaning made to our carpet.

I scheduled online!
Posted by: ZENA3389

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/14/02 05:11 PM

Thanks guys. I enjoyed scheduling my carpet cleanng appointment online. I recommend 800-DRYCAPRET to all my friends.
Posted by: 1-800-DRYCARPET®

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/15/02 10:54 AM

You can verify availability and schedule online here, http://www.drycarpet.com/southerncalifornia/americaspreferred/
Posted by: Isreal777

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/16/02 01:11 AM

It was great being able to schedule my carpet cleaning appointment online at drycarpet.com! The free product was my original motive but i have to admit that i am very impressed with your process, your web site and with the professional service that i received!
Posted by: MissMa

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/18/02 10:20 AM

i've been using your company for several years. i scheudled my service online and was pleasently surprised with the easy of the process.

i highly recommend 800-DRYCARPET to any and all! DryCarpet.com is a bonus.
Posted by: TerriW.

Re: I just scheduled online - 10/24/02 09:09 PM

it was nice and pleasant having 800-DRYCARPET clean my carpet. My carpet is clean, dry and fresh smelling. What a difference!!!

Terri W.
Glendale, Ca