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Posted by: Anonymous

Your service - 11/13/00 01:10 PM

Dear America's Preferred,

To say that we're happy with your products would be a gross understatement. The carpet cleaner and spot remover worked as well as your in-home service: they deliver! And, just as claimed, with no sticky residue like Folex Carpet liquid spot remover or Resolve.

So, since we had your people in to clean our carpet this past spring, and for the first time since we've purchased our carpet several years ago, we are not constantly removing huge numbers of spots over and over (our carpet would get to look like a mauve Dalmatian with all the spots that kept reattracting dirt to them).

If we get a spot on our rugs now, your dry carpet spot remover takes them out and then they actually stay gone! We couldn't be more pleased with your services and products, so thanks again.

Ed Coles
Posted by: Diane Clark

Re: Your service - 11/13/00 07:01 PM

Hey Guys,

Thanks again. I have 1 husband, 2 teen girls, 5 cats, and 1 dog who live in our house. Believe me our carpet shows it too.

I just called and made arrangements to have my carpets done tomorrow. I can't wait for tomorrow to come. I've been using your services since 1997 and have nothing but praise for the quality of the products and manner of service I get. Wonderful!

Thanks Again!

Diane A. Clark
-Very Busy Mom-
Posted by: Brandy Lee

Re: Your service - 02/27/01 08:37 AM

Thank you very much for your professional services. My husband and I were very surprised and pleased by the results of your carpet cleaning. We were curious how a dry carpet cleaning solution could be better than wet cleaning - much better results!! Now I only wish you had a cleaning machine available on the market to buy for myself. Thanks again!!!!!
Posted by: Steve A

Re: Your service - 03/06/01 04:58 PM

I too have used this product and service for years now. We just sold our house and with 5 year old carpet, not the great stuff either, the buyers were very happy with how great it looked. I was too obviously. I could have met my commitment by cleaning with some other service however I knew how good this product is and how could I leave my home to a new owner with anything less than I would be happy with. It is a great product and a great service.
Posted by: Trent

Re: Your service - 04/03/01 09:33 AM

1-800-DRYCARPET was great. I could not believe how much dryer the carpet was compared to the previous time I had my carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry (which was not dry). I had to stay off of the floors for a full day, where as with DRYCARPET, I could walk on it as soon as it was done. I did keep my shoes off for an hour, to make sure I did not get it dirty right away. My feet did not get wet.
Posted by: Nancy Lopez

Re: Your service - 04/30/01 05:56 PM

I've been a happy DRYCARPET--America's Preferred customer since 1997. I heard them advertised on KWVE (107.9 FM) so I knew they had something special going--and they really do! 1-800-DRYCARPET has been my personal carpet caretakers ever since. I couldn't be more satisfied with their service (well, they could charge a little less, but that's about all!).

Thank you DRYCARPET Company!
Posted by: juliescooking

Re: Your service - 05/01/01 10:34 PM

Dear Americas Preferred - 1-800-DRYCARPET,

Thank you for the great service. Your cleaning people are very pleasant and helpful. They arrived on schedule and finished the job in the time promised.

I highly recommend 1-800-DRYCARPET - America's Preferred.
Posted by: Geoff Reeslund

Re: Your service - 05/03/01 03:49 PM

The service was not only timely and professional, with the cleaning staff respecting my possessions, but it was refreshing to have a group of reliable Christians working in my house - it added a a layer of confidence and comfort.
Posted by: Dory Lamont

Re: Your service - 08/07/01 06:48 PM

I have used America's Preferred 1-800-DRYCARPET dry carpet cleaning service three or four times and I wouldn't call anyone else. The product cleans beautifully and the carpet is left clean, fluffy and dry to the touch. Equally important, though, is the service! DRYCARPET technicians do a careful and thorough job, and they are very nice. (Having the same technicians return a year later says a lot for this company, too!).
Posted by: 1-800-DRYCARPET®

Re: Your service - 01/10/02 05:47 PM

Thank you Mrs. Lamont