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Posted by: Duke

Pleased First Time User - 03/26/05 09:33 AM

Loved the online scheduling -- so efficient. Team arrived on time and were courteous and professional. Best part: my carpets came out great! Even those yucky stairs, made so by a house-full of kids!

Will NEVER use Chem-dry again -- have found a better product and will STAY DRY!!
Posted by: 1-800-DRYCARPET®

Re: Pleased First Time User - 03/26/05 05:46 PM

Hello Duke, Listen to Chem Dry Customer Testimony

Thank you for using 1-800-DRYCARPET™. Your last DRYCARPET™ appointment was on 3/22/2005. Today's date is 3/26/2005.

Thank you for posting your feedback, and ..Stay DRY!

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