Better Than Resolve Carpet Cleaner

Posted by: KeithSae

Better Than Resolve Carpet Cleaner - 07/30/02 08:17 AM

I just wanted you to know how well your products have worked for us. We had been using Resolve powder ever since getting our new carpet over a year ago. We know how bad “wet” cleaning can be for a carpet but the Resolve was the only dry product we knew of. While it was better than the wet cleaners we had tried in years past it still just didn’t do the job we had hoped for.

About 6 weeks ago we happened across your web site while looking for dry carpet cleaning products to try. I ordered the Swedry cleaning kit. It came with a bottle of spot remover and a canister of Swedry DRYCARPET carpet cleaner with brush. We ordered it off your web site - I was amazed at how fast we received the products.

I opened it immediately and was surprised to find how different it was from the Resolve product. The Resolve is very powdery and doesn’t have a particularly pleasant odor. The Swedry on the other hand was denser with a very fresh clean smell. In fact, besides how well your product cleaned compared to Resolve the house smelled clean and fresh for days after!

Keep up the good work. We have found the solution to our carpet cleaning problems with your products.
Posted by: Sircillo

Re: Better Than Resolve Carpet Cleaner - 08/25/03 12:49 AM

I was browsing this message board and found this post and i wanted to add my 2 cents. Your comments are exactly the same as mine. So wierd!

I also used the resolve powder and found that when i vacuumed the resolve powder ended up air borne and i had their white dust all over my home.

I like Swedry much better because their granules are larger and it's easier to vacuum and without the mess too-boot! :p