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Posted by: suzcurtis

Product & Service Satisfaction - 05/29/01 09:08 AM

My carpet was a disaster, my husband had not had it cleaned since purchasing the home 10 years ago. When we got married the first thing I asked him was to please replace the disgusting carpet and paint the home. I painted but the carpet remained as it is quite an investment. I heard about the dryclean method and thought it my only hope as the wet method would have destroyed the fragile condition of the aged carpet. Well let me tell you my husband and I are truly amazed at the recovery of our carpet we dont have to replace it anytime soon and my husband is no longer embarressed to entertain. He said he wished he had done it sooner but figured nothing could save it or remove the huge black stains throughout the house. As for the gentlemen that performed the miracle they were hard working, delightful and professional in going about their task. It was a pleasure to meet Freddie, Freddie Jr. and Gene. Thank you so much and be assured I will be passing on this great remedy to anyone in need of a clean carpet, oh and the fact the carpet was virtually dry there was no smell, sloshy carpet and mess typical with other methods.

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Posted by: Roshan

Re: Product & Service Satisfaction - 05/30/01 01:19 PM

This is my first time using America's Preferred Dry Carpet Cleaning and I'm very impressed with how clean it all looks. The workers are still here and their just finishing up. My carpet is dry as I type this. Very exciting!!
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Re: Product & Service Satisfaction - 01/10/02 05:39 PM

Thanks for the feedback.