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Clean entire room - 02/17/03 02:09 PM

How to clean an entire room without commercial machine.
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Re: Clean entire room - 02/17/03 05:48 PM

Hello BD in Ohio,

Step-by-step directions are here, .

You might end up with one arm bigger than the other if you were to clean an ENTIRE ROOM (wall to wall) with our standard hand-brush/household dry carpet cleaning system. However, some people opt to use our household system when faced with the alternative(s).

Do you need to clean an ENTIRE ROOM, wall-to-wall? Is this room empty?

Our household dry carpet cleaning system works best for the following uses;

1. Traffic-lane cleaning.
2. Area rugs (all fiber types; wool, cotton, silk and synthetic blends)!!
3. Stairs.
4. Spot removal.
5. Detergent residue removal (REF: ).

Since soap-and-water products usually cause problems, homeowners can now opt to avoid these problems by using our household products (reference: ) by using our household dry carpet cleaning system. <FONT size="2"><FONT face="Arial"><FONT COLOR="Crimson"> Some people use our household dry carpet cleaning system to clean an entire room(s).</FONT c></FONT f></FONT s>.

Thousands of people (reference: ) consider our dry carpet cleaning system an intelligent remedy to the problems associated with ‘wet' soap-and-water products.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for contacting 1-800-DRYCARPET™.

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Re: Clean entire room - 02/24/03 02:39 PM

My room is furnished.

I have a stiff brush on a long handle. Can I could use that to clean a entire room?
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Re: Clean entire room - 02/24/03 03:04 PM

Hi BD,

The type of brush that you use is important to our system. You should use the brush that is included with our Swedry DRYCARPET product. Our unique Swedry brush is specially designed with tufts (bristles) that are set apart in a unque way -- if you were to use a common brush that had tufts (bristles) that were set close-together this would cause our carpet cleaner to 'clog' the tufts (bristles) of 'your' brush. Click the link below and you will see a close up image of the product-assortment and a more detailed image of our brush.

Step-by-step directions,